Roadmap for 2023

Despite the bear market, war and inflation of 2022, we continue to work hard to bring our vision to life. The Pintar team enters 2023 with a roadmap report for ZilWall, ZILALL DEX and the new Lamper project.


ZilWall, our revolutionary platform for digital art enthusiasts, was put on hold due to challenges with the underlying Zilliqa platform and a lack of user adoption. However, we are now taking a step back to re-evaluate and reimagine the platform with the goal of delivering a superior user experience. We are working on new features such as the ability to mint NFTs for canvases and adding auction functionality. Additionally, we are implementing automatic canvas creation and switching, making it even more seamless for users to create and share their digital masterpieces. With these enhancements, we are confident that ZilWall will be able to attract more users and become the go-to destination for digital art enthusiasts.


Experience the future of trading on our fully operational decentralized exchange. With ZILALL DEX, we’re committed to listing the most promising new tokens and providing a fair trading experience for our users by keeping the limit order fee at 0%. We’re always looking to innovate and bring you the latest and greatest in the world of decentralized finance. That’s why we’re constantly updating our dApp with new features, such as experimental financial tools like CTFs. Our goal is to give you the most secure and user-friendly trading experience possible.


Introducing our newest project, a revolutionary multichain dApp that empowers users to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences without fear of censorship. SocialFi functionality of ZilWall inspired us to create a standalone project that ensures secure, on-chain storage of user posts.

This new dApp is designed to provide a platform for free speech, where users can express themselves freely and without the need for a token to post. Instead, users will only need to pay gas fees, which will be kept at a minimum by using various blockchains with lower gas fees. This makes our platform accessible to users with limited resources, ensuring that everyone has a voice.

We’re dedicated to providing a decentralized platform that promotes freedom of expression and allows users to connect, share and express themselves without any limitations. Join us on this journey to a more open and transparent world, where users have the power to control their online presence. With our new project, we’re taking the first step towards a more democratic and decentralized future.

Overall, our goal for 2023 is to improve the user experience of our existing projects and bring new innovative solutions to the market. We believe that by focusing on user needs and implementing new technologies, we can create a better future for blockchain and its users.